24/7 Mobile Hydraulic Repair

About Us

Core Hydraulics was founded with one mission: empowering our partners in order to move our community forward. We’ve done that since we established our business in 1980 through our hydraulic repair service.

From hydraulic hose repair, replacement, and maintenance to hydraulic cylinder repair, rebuilding and resealing, and custom hydraulic seals, our solutions serve all construction, mechanic, industrial needs, and more. Furthermore, we do it right away and on the spot with superior quality!

Reliable & Excellent

With Core Hydraulics, excellence is guaranteed in our service, but more importantly, in our results. It is also brought to you in the most convenient way through 24/7 mobile emergency solutions.

Our nationally accredited and certified technicians will immediately head to your site and administer a precise solution whenever you require assistance. They and their 60 years of combined expertise are entirely at your disposal under our licensed and insured company. With us, you partner with experts who maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

Core Hydraulics also facilitates project and work management by closely monitoring every job. We provide real-time job status updates and satellite-tracked vans to stay on top of our work, so it’s easier for you to do so.

You can trust that every job will be performed excellently, at any time and anywhere within the Houston Metropolitan Area. Simply let us know exactly what you need.

On-Demand Support

You depend on your hydraulic systems as much as you do on someone who can maintain them and provide on-demand support. With Core Hydraulics, you obtain lasting results and relationships. You can continuously trust that our work will minimize damage, saving your time, investment, and profits.

For top hydraulic repair in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, get in touch with us via a call, email, or filling out your form. We’ll get back to you right away!