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Custom Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic seals are used to avoid liquid leaks in hydraulic cylinders. Without a hydraulic seal, you can experience a slow down in your manufacturing process, which can generate significant losses for your business.

Hydraulic seals have the function of withstanding high-pressure levels at work, speed, and temperature of the cylinder.
For the manufacture of seals, there are many options in materials that adapt to the temperature and working conditions, and we are experts in combining the functionality of the seals with the needs of your machinery.

If you want to avoid stopping your production, contact Core Hydraulics, your best ally, to take care of your hoses, cylinders, and hydraulic seals in Houston, TX, while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Reliable & Excellent

With 60 years of combined experience, Core Hydraulics is a certified, licensed, and insured company serving customers in the construction, mechanical and industrial sectors in Houston, TX, within and 50-60 miles radius. Whether you run a small or large business, you can rest assured that our hydraulic seal’s services will provide the right solutions for your needs.

Benefit From Our Service
In each service, including hydraulic cylinder seals, we offer benefits for the proper functioning of your company and its production equipment. We offer.

● Custom Hydraulic seals support
● Work photos before and after
● 1 hour response time for on-site inspections
● Real-time job status updates
● Vans with satellite tracking
● Qualified and Trained Technicians

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Trust the services and products Core Hydraulics offers and start a long-term business relationship with our technicians, and is ready to provide nationally accredited training.

Our dedicated and professionally trained team is always available to provide expert support for custom hydraulic seals and all types of hydraulic systems.